5 Types OF Signage And Where To Use Them

Whether it’s above your premises on a sign tray, or down on the ground in the form of pavement signs, there is no doubt that signage plays a vital role in informing your customers or visitors. Whether it’s promoting your brand, your latest offer, menu or informational notices, you can quickly get your message across in a clear and visual way.

Here we highlight 5 different types of signage and where you would normally find them.

Dock Street Signs

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is suitable in a wide range of settings. From interactive food menu’s and advertising boards, to touch screens and video walls. Since it can easily be updated in real time, it’s a great choice for those wanting to capture an audience. It can also be used for informational signage such as hospitals and universities to give directions or to announce emergency notifications as a signposting device.

Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are often also called forecourt signs or swing signs. They are a great way to increase footfall into your premises from passing trade. According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “If your premises don’t have a doorway on the main street, then a pavement sign can be a great way to direct passing trade with an arrow and your logo and USP.”  They can also be used to promote offers or promotions if strategically placed. One of the main mistakes people make with these kinds of signs though, is just treat them like a piece of the furniture and just place them in the same place with the same message, over and over again. Signage should draw the eyes to the message and passers-by could easily become over familiar with it and ignore your promotion.

Window Vinyls& Graphics

Window Vinyl’s have been used as a way of advertising for decades. Whether it’s promoting your brand, your products or even giving important information such as your opening times, they can create a stunning effect. These can be used both internally and externally and are a great way to signpost if you have multi-use premises. Vinyl’s can also be applied to walls and hoarding for both advertising purposes and are a great way for a new business to advertise when they are opening and what it is they do before they open their doors to trade.

PVC Banners

These are a great and low-cost way to advertise your business. Easy to put up and take down, making them a great solution for temporary advertising. They can easily be rolled up and stored away when not in use and are incredibly hard wearing. For those looking to advertise where the signage may be exposed to high winds, mesh banners have tiny holes allowing wind to pass through, meaning it won’t be a health and safety hazard.

Sign Trays & Illuminated Signs

We couldn’t write an article about signage without mentioning the traditional shop sign. These are incredibly effective and capturing your branding and the image of your business. Aluminium tray signs create a stylish and eye-catching effect, whilst those advertising at night, illuminated signage can easily catch the attention of any passing trade. Bear in mind though it is important to keep any signage fresh and maintained. Visitors will pick up on any missing letters or dirty signage and this creates the wrong impression that either you don’t care or that business isn’t doing well.

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