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Are You Having Trouble Getting Pregnant?

“It just happened, we are not sure when, but it did!” – Almost all of us have heard this line at least once from someone we know. And yes, different couples have different success speed when it comes to conceiving a baby. This shouldn’t be a surprise since the human race hasn’t stopped evolving. Every generation is born stronger genetically in a greater sense of things.

There are others, which have a harder time in getting pregnant, despite their best efforts. Everyday life, busy workplace, the need to have everything in order – these are all factors that dampen the ability to conceive freely. After all, desire is the spark, but we need actions to materialize it.

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Why can’t we conceive?

It is rarely impossible for a couple to conceive naturally. Usually, the time frame for such act is considered up to 12 months of unprotected sex. It may take less; it may take longer as well. We don’t know the human genes at a 100%, so there isn’t a certain method to establish the exact moment of conceiving.

Sometimes one of the partners has fertility problems – low numbers of sperm, ovulation problems, previous history of chemotherapy, blocked fallopian tubes, hostile cervical mucus, and more.

Sometimes, there isn’t a problem with any of the partners, but the pregnancy just doesn’t come as fast as they would have imagined. This is not something to worry about. Modern medicine has reached heights which provide almost every couple with the chance of natural conceiving.

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, remember this – don’t provoke guilt in any of you. If may require intensive pregnancy classes or even medical help, but it will happen.

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