Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Are you interested in a cost-effective way to reach new consumers every day? Then consider a vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are durable, offer a one-time fee and are completely mobile forms of advertising. The wraps can turn your company vehicles into driving billboards for your business. Vehicle wraps can offer business owners the highest amount of exposure from most any style of advertising.

Vehicle wraps can be made in full wraps, partials or in decals. The imagery is designed based on your ideas and preferences to ensure your wrap perfectly reflects your brand. Vehicle wraps also provide surface protection benefits for your valued company vehicles.

Professional printing contractors can help with your vehicle wrap design and provide professional wrap printing as well as applications. Consult with print providers that offer in-house services to take advantage of faster turn around times.  A professionally made vehicle wrap can offer these amazing benefits for your company.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Grab The Attention Of The Consumer

Wrapped vehicles stand out from other cars and trucks on the road.  Vehicle wraps can showcase logos, bright and eye-catching brand colours and more that male them jump out to other drivers and pedestrians. The average driver does not look at a plain white van. Though a custom designed vehicle wrap can easily grab their attention and promote them to looking into your business. Wraps can also highlight specific services, which allows them to get you more leads.

Wraps Are Cost-Effective

Some individuals are turned off from vehicle wraps as they can carry a somewhat large upfront cost. Vehicle wraps can cost around $3,000 for design, manufacturing and application services. Many advertising efforts that are aimed at increasing brand exposure are based on cost-per-click or are financed on an ongoing platform.  This means that an online ad can cost less than a wrap upfront, but due to click cost or hosting costs can cost much more than a wrap in the months or years to come. While a vehicle wrap is a onetime fee that lasts for years and can lead to literally millions of new brand impressions.

Reach Large Audiences

Vehicle wraps reach enormous audiences.  As the vehicle drives around and or is parked on work sites, the drive by and walk by traffic the vehicle sees can add up to more impressions than other online or print effort. For example, a study based on a $3,000 advertising effort showcases that vehicle wraps could lead to nearly 10 x more impressions than radio ads, billboards, online banner ads and direct mail campaigns.

Advertise But Do Not Annoy

Some advertising efforts aimed at increasing exposure and impressions can be intrusive. For example, a pop-up ad can get in the way of Internet users and can actually incorporate a negative association with your brand. The level of consumer trust is drastically improved when a non-intrusive approach is used. In fact, a number of drivers and pedestrians enjoy the attractive design that vehicle wraps can create.

Vehicle Protection

Vehicle wraps are made out of durable vinyl and are applied to your truck, van or car with heat and a powerful adhesive. The wraps then become the first line of deference from rocks and other road debris. Applying a vehicle wrap helps keep your vehicles in better condition, which leads to longer usage of the vehicles as well as a higher potential resale value.

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