Best Flexible Plastic Packaging

Joining the growing marijuana industry, setting up a collective or a dispensary, one needs to have a hold of the top notch cannabis/marijuana packaging and dispensing supplies. For suppliers jumping into this booming industry, whether it’s for medicinal products, snacks, or beverages; education is key. Protecting your product is as important as keeping consumers safe. With more than 20 states in the U.S. legalizing the substance, the industry is really starting to take shape. Flexible plastic packaging is the key to market, and sell your product well in the competitive market. Epac maintains an environment friendly plastic packaging which is in great demand as on today. Products like cannabis-infused coffee and tea, chocolates with THC added etc have attracted more consumers and producers are embracing marijuana. Cannabis packaging is especially important for businesses looking to find success in the growing market.

Flexible Plastic Packaging

Epac offers Best Flexible Plastic Packaging. They stand out by maintaining:

  1. High quality
  2. Eye popping graphics
  3. High barrier
  4. Smell proof
  5. 5 mil Premium pouches
  6. Child resistant packaging

Epac stands at the top in the industry by packaging the following:

  1. Edibles: Edibles are packed in attractive digital barrier bags, pop top bottles, reverse top bottles and glass jars.
  2. Flowers: Flowers are most conveniently packed in Flip top containers, glass jars and tamper evident bags.
  3. Concentrates: Cannabis concentrates find a suitable packaging in attractive coin envelopes, parchment papers and polysterene containers.
  4. Exit bags: Exit packaging is done in child resistant bags, Pharmacy bags, non-woven bags and recycled shopping bags to save the environment.

Your packaging is a crucial part of branding that can truly make or break your product. It has the power to communicate a specific message and inform consumers about the quality of your goods, or it can drive folks away if the information is not clear. Well-designed containers certainly appeal to the eye and make a statement on the shelf, but remembering to provide important information, including potential risks and hazards will illustrate the integrity of your brand to customers. The key to pushing marijuana into the mainstream is compliance and communication : two important factors that will be easily apparent and understood when included right on your cannabis packaging. Both which are firmly delivered by Epac.

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