Do You Need Both SEO and Content Marketing?

When you start a website you’ll hear a lot about SEO and content marketing. Which do you need? The simple answer is both.

In reality, you can’t have one without the other. Content marketing is essential to good SEO. It is how you get your keywords on the page, making your website easier to categorize and rank by the search engines.

Consistently posting new content to your website keeps your website fresh and in the rankings longer, and helps boost your ratings and traffic.

SEO is important. It means making sure that your website can be easily navigated by both search engines and site visitors.

It means making sure that your keywords are placed in metatags, headlines, image captions, and links.

But it is also about making sure that your website offers something to visitors.

SEO and Content Marketing

Google doesn’t just rank based on keywords and links anymore. You have to offer something of value to your visitors.

If you don’t, your rankings on Google will not have much luck. Google also places a lot of emphasis on quality links going back to your website, and that includes links from social media.

If you don’t have good, compelling content on your website, you won’t be able to generate those links or that traffic.

Your content can’t just be about selling what you have to offer. It has to be about providing a valuable service to your readers.

But content marketing isn’t just about SEO either.

There are a lot of benefits to content marketing that have nothing to do with ranking in the search engines, and everything to do with creating repeat business and making your brand successful.

Content marketing is important because it gives your website value to your readers. You may be selling a product or service, but that doesn’t mean your website has to be limited to catalogs and price lists.

In fact, if that is all you do with your website you won’t get much traffic. And the traffic you do get won’t stay on your page long enough to make a purchase decision.

Good content offers valuable information to readers. It presents a problem and offers a solution.

It engages the reader, and leads them to look more into your brand, products and services.

Most importantly, good content builds trust among your site visitors.

It helps you appear as an expert in your field, and allows you to build relationships that lead to repeat visitors and sales.

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