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Does Hgh Help In Increasing Height?

The human growth hormone, which is naturally produced in the pituitary gland and introduced into the blood by the hypothalamus, is critical to several vital body processes that are imperative for good health and wellness. The effective functioning of the pituitary gland ensures a healthy metabolism and adequate growth at the cellular, muscular and tissue levels. It also plays a pivotal role in strengthening bone structure and building a strong immune system.

Why is an efficient pituitary gland necessary?

Does Hgh Help In Increasing Height

The optimal functioning of the endocrine system can, in addition, be affected by genetic growth deficiencies as well as trauma or grievous injury, resulting in sub-optimal or reduced growth hormone levels.

These consequential medical conditions, whether from infancy or adolescence and thereafter, need to be addressed through the use of prescribed HGH boosters only, under careful clinical supervision. Similarly, HGH levels are increased through prescriptive drugs or supplements, to improve the level and absorption of amino acids, which are the building blocks enabling efficient protein synthesis in the body. In addition to all of the above medically accepted uses, HGH is increasingly being used by athletes as a sports nutrition product and by bodybuilders and celebrities to build lean muscle mass or look. The hormones secreted in the endocrine system help the body in its growth. In other words, the human growth hormone helps to increase one’s height. Visit for more knowhow and information.

When a person is injected with Growth Hormone supplement who is suffering from bone problems, then they can be protected from bone fractures, joint and muscle pains and also helps in building muscle mass along with improvement of exercise capacity and reduces risks of heart diseases.

Importance of increasing HGH – Different Injectable HGH brands

A HGH injection is not a universal prescription for all health conditions. It is dependent on the age, health condition and eventual treatment goal of the patient.  Somatropin, the generic form of the synthetic HGH, is the only proven prescription-only drug that has been in use in injectable form for over two decades, to address growth hormone deficiencies and related symptoms. It is recommended and prescribed in the treatment of certain genetic growth deficiencies like Turner Syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Noonan syndrome, Idiopathic short stature and Dwarfism, as well as serious deficiencies that are the result of trauma, disease or injury such as chronic kidney failure, certain cardiovascular conditions and age related growth-hormone deficiencies identified in adults.

Somatropin is currently available in more than 24 brand names. Of these, the more prominent brand names are Omnitrope, Humatrope, Serostim, Norditropin, Genotropin and Kigtropin. These brand prescription drugs are not interchangeable and their usage is mutually exclusive, being dependent on the prognosis.  Prescription of any or each of these brands is thus based purely on the specific medical condition being addressed, its causes and symptoms. For instance, HIV /AIDS patients affected by “cachexia” or muscle wastage are to be prescribed Somatropin in the form of Serostim only. Talk to your doctor to understand the dosage before getting started.

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