How Outdoor Display Advertisement Can Help You Win Customers

Are you struggling on your sales and wanted to do some display banner ads for your business or offers? Catching the attention of your customers is important, there is always a challenge for short attention span or the time that you customers checks or see your advertisement. If you want to be effective, you need to do it with more precision.

As a business owner, you’ll need all the help that you can get to make sure that your investment goes to the right channel, which is display advertising in our case. On this post, we’ll give you five techniques that you can try for your outdoor displays, to make sure that it works and gets you return-on-investment.

Outdoor Display Outdoor Display

  1. Identify your target and audience demographic for your ad

It is important that you identify your target audience first and demographics before starting to conceptualize your banner design. Remember, you are serving something to your customers – the last thing you need is to put wrong typefaces and colors to your design.

Let us take on the real estate industry as an example. The primary target on this niche are in the age of 30 to 50, adult income earners who can spend on a purchase or home mortgage options that you can offer. If you are designing an ad, you should stay away from colorful variations and youthful graphic images.

If you can go white and emphasize on value that your offer can provide, like a happy family picture, you banner display should perform better.

  1. Interests play an important role

Interest plays an important role in making sure that your message is delivered to the right people. If you are attending trade shows and want to create trade show displays, you want to create something that is easy to catch and professional.

Trade show displays are always “interest-based”. People who attend the car trade shows are definitely interested about cars, while people who attend real estate trade shows are interested on getting home deals and offers.

  1. Choose the right material for your outdoor display

Are you using a tarpaulin or a sintra board for your outdoor display? What are the dimensions that you are target for your display? Always consider the materials that you will use for your banner before crafting a design.

  1. Check the design of your banner before printing

Assuming that you are not an expert in design and typography and you asked a design or marketing company to work with you on a project. Here are important pointers to check for before your display banner comes out.

  • Check the wordings and the message if it was delivered right
  • Are the fonts fit on your design expectation? Expect to see at least two to three variation of fonts used on your banner. Also check on the font size and its readability when it gets printed.
  • Check you design if it was properly created and the materials used were safe from copyright claims (images and wordings can copyright protected).
  • Does your colors match standard color wheels and variation? Check for color variations on advertisements and make sure that they are not painful on the eyes.
  1. Deliver the message and push for actions

Always double check if the message that you want to send through your displays will be delivered to the readers. The most common mistake on display banner ads are messages that doesn’t connect with people. It’s not important that you put a big logo or a good looking image on your banner display – the most important part is you connect and deliver the message.

Lastly, you want your banner ads to push actions. Always put call-to-action texts that can drive actions of your customers. Example – CALL US NOW, VISIT US, LIMITED OFFER, MESSAGE US and other action calls in your banner copy.

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