How To Build Rapport With Clients

Building rapport with clients is something that builds business relationships that last for quite a few years. There is no single way to build a relationship with a client but there are multiple ways you can build rapport with the same client. The following are just a few of the ways you can build rapport with clients and have them signing extensions to their contracts in no time.

Note Important Dates

Noting a date when a client signed on might seem silly but sending a gift that day reminds the client of all of the work you have done together. Something as simple as putting this into a free online calendar that is set to notify you a few days in advance can be a client rapport building tool unlike any other. Birthdays of clients are also important to remember as this can show personal interest in a client. Things like business anniversaries of openings are other great things to send an email or a card congratulating the accomplishment.

Build Rapport With Clients

Use Social Media, But Not Too Much

Getting to know your clients on a personal level doesn’t take a long question and answer session. Social media allows people to learn about clients without speaking to them. This can be something that can creep out clients so do not mention one of their random interests that you found on their LinkedIn. A great strategy is liking posts and replying to tweets regularly to keep a dialogue going. The more present you are in your client’s professional life, the harder it will be to replace you as their vendor.

Have Weekly or Biweekly Calls/Meetings

Keeping in contact with a client on a weekly basis is important as you can discuss ongoing projects or upcoming projects. Assess whether you need a call a week or something less frequent. This routine will grow on a client as you become more friendly as the business relationship extends. This is a great time to mention personal things or ask them a personal question. For an example, if they say they were going on a trip, ask them how it went. Remembering personal details and offering some of your own allows you to be seen as a person rather than just a person on the other side of the phone or computer.

Send Gifts From One Business To The Other

This has been happening since the beginning of time. There obviously isn’t a replacement for quality work at a reasonable price but sending gifts to a client can help a client’s decision in staying with your company. If your client loves scotch then buy them a bottle for the holidays. Even a $500 bottle is worth keeping a client that has been around for years. Empires are built on clients and customers coming back time after time.

As you can see it isn’t extremely difficult to build rapport with a client. It does take a proactive approach as you will need to gradually build this relationship without being too pushy. What are some things that you do to build a relationship with a client?

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