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How to Choose the Right One among Many Moving Companies?

When you think about it, a moving company needs to be very reliable if you want them to move your stuff. Many things can be fragile and important, so besides just moving the stuff, they need to be very professional. It takes a lot of time to choose the right firm for your relocation, so you want to think about it for two months before you move out.

Moving Companies

You will probably need five to ten weeks to prepare and find the one that suits you. Maybe you already know which one is the best, but they might be busy and can’t manage the job when you need it. The best place to find information about a certain company is through the internet. Every good firm has a tight schedule, so it is important to do everything on time. Find further information here.

Ask Around

If you have a list of potential companies, you can ask them for previous customer references. You can also see what kind of feedback they have online through websites that are rating these companies. Ask them for an estimate about the price for your home and compare with others. It is important to know that some companies may sound like it is cheap, but in the end, you can get a large bill.

If you want to avoid this, you should just make sure that there is a “not to exceed” clause. Every mover has good and bad experiences if they have been in the business for a long time, so keep in mind that there isn’t a perfect moving company. The most reliable reference will come from your friends that had experience with a certain firm. Look for professionalism, so if they only have advertising on telephone poles, that isn’t the most reliable firm. Read more on this page.

Ask Around

Think in Advance

Garage sale is a great thing not only because you can earn money on stuff you don’t want anymore, but it is also fun. So, you should separate goods that you want to sell from those that will be shipped. Because most of the companies offer packing options and other services, think about it because maybe you don’t have enough boxes. It also depends on how far is the destination, so some articles need special care.

They usually charge by the hour if the distance is less than 100 kilometers. If it’s longer, the price goes per 100 pounds. When you do the packing yourself, the company isn’t responsible if something gets damaged. Of course, some damage may happen because of the driver, place everything on paper, what is damaged before and after. It can also happen that they refuse to ship something that isn’t packed properly. So, make a decision if you are going to do the packing because they will charge for it.

When you know there will be problems on the way to the destination like street accessibility, road access, parking problems, the mover also needs to be aware of these problems. The expenses may increase if something like that happens. Reserve the parking space in advance. They will add to the bill if they have to carry the load more than fifty meters.

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Coverage for Damage

It is important to know how coverage for damage works when it comes to shipment. Every company with a license has to provide liability for the cost of goods. Depending on the stuff they are transporting, the expenses may be bigger because of higher protection. The insurance is crucial here, so check if the mover has it. People hired by the company also need to have insurance because if they get injured, you may be responsible. The amount can be very large in these situations, so make sure everything is insured.

Know the Quotes

The quote that only binds to the mover is “not to exceed”. It means that the price set by the company can’t be exceeded. Of course, if the price is lower than it is estimated, you will pay the lower price. They also have a price list that can be non-binding or hourly rate. The rates may differ depending on the type of the job. The last one is binding estimate where mover gives a guaranteed price. They also include here how many items are there and the type of service.

Remember to always check if everything is in the quote, all the charges like carrying an excessive distance, moving bulky articles, additional transportation, overtime, carrying upstairs or in an elevator. You know what obstacles they will go through, so check if everything is on the list. Think in advance because the bill can be larger because of simple things. When it comes to packing, there should be charges for the cost and amount of boxes.

Ask the Right Questions

There are many questions you can ask, but you probably don’t have much time to waste. Some of the most important would include providing some references from recent customers. Because we want to hire professionals, ask if the employees had some kind of training. We always wonder how big the bills are going to be, so ask what services are not listed and how much are they. It is best when you have two resources to check a certain firm if you want to be sure. Everything depends on the value of the stuff you are moving. Read more about it here:

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