Inexpensive Ways to Bring in New Customers

Having confidence in the greatness of your product or services will not bring you any money; customers do. The question is, how many customers do you have? For you to grow your customer base, people need to know that your product exists. Marketing and advertising your product is a sure way to expand your client list and grow your business. Unfortunately, the misconception that you need a huge budget to advertise may keep you from cashing in on great opportunities to grow your business. Here are tried, tested and inexpensive ways to bring in new customers.

Capitalize on Word of Mouth

Regardless of advancement in technology and marketing strategies, word of mouth still ranks as the best advertisement any business can get. When a customer is satisfied with your services, it is just normal that they will want to share the good news with people around them.

However, this does not just come automatically; it stems from products/services that actually work in addition to a great customer experience. A little nudging in form of incentives also go along way; give them rewards and discounts for every referral and watch new customers stream into your business.

Inexpensive Ways to Bring in New Customers

Collaborate With other Businesses in your Industry

The saying that no man is an island goes for businesses too. At some point, you will need other businesses for yours to thrive. When you work with other providers, you can work out plans to refer customers to each other, offer all-inclusive packages or even charge each other a small fee for successful referrals. If you are a content writer for example, you can work with a web designer and a marketer to handle a company’s online advertisement.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Statistics show that there are 3.196 billion social media users worldwide. Ensure that that you remain active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn among others by engaging people in your network with valuable content. With time, this builds relationship and gives you the status of a ‘go to’ person.

At this time, you can introduce your services or products without it looking out of the blue. If you get it right, your network will actually help to market you by sharing, tweeting or commenting about it. Be sure to include some promotional incentives. While not everyone goes to social media to shop, giveaways, discounts and great offers are hard to miss.

Print and hand out flyers

This is a great idea especially if your business is concentrated in a certain locality like an institution, residential estate or an industrial area. Flyers are relatively cheap to print and distribute. Custom stickers can also be effective. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can enlist the help of tools like and or even use the free templates on PowerPoint to make your own.

Once you have them, you can distribute them around the locality of your business with or without help. Flyers work!Colin Thornton, the founder of a multi-million dollar company, Dial-A-Nerd, can confirm this. He started his business by printing flyers and distributing them to advertise his computer repair services about 20 years ago. Today, Colin smiles all the way to the bank!

Have your Own Website

In order to thrive, every business, whether large or small requires an online presence. This is because today, most people would rather search on the web than ask around for products, services and solutions among other things. When they do, they should find you or your business. You don’t have to start with a fancy website; you can actually get one for free at

At the beginning, the most important bits are a short business description, your services and your contact information. Also, great content that adds value to people’s lives in line with your product works great. Increase your website visibility by commenting and guest posting on high authority sites. When such sites run your article, be sure to leave a bio that links to your website. Do not forget to link anything you post on social media concerning your products to your website and vice versa.

The Final Take

A business needs to attract new customers in order to thrive. This is mostly done through advertisement. While there are many ways of marketing your products or services, not all are within your budget. This is where inexpensive advertisement comes in handy. When done properly, the above tips can make your sales to sky rocket sooner than you think.

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