Low Tide Properties and Their Projects

Low Tide Properties, a Vancouver-based real estate company started by Chip Wilson. The company has a portfolio of around 40 properties and the total value of the property is around $300 million. The company is growing fast and is focusing on targeting a portfolio value of $1.5 billion in the next ten years. Wilson’s real estate company has the relationship, access to capital, and vision to successfully meet the target.

As a private real estate investment company, they targeted to produce a positive and healthy contact in the communities where they work. They invest in developing neighborhoods around Vancouver, acquiring unique properties for them, and transforming the properties into an alternative space which can deliver their character.

Their approach to each building is different and they assure about the spaces they are creating make sense for each community.


Their few projects

  1. They started their project with a property in the heart of Kitsilano. 1995 Cypress Street is a small space on the NW corner of Cypress and West 4th Avenue which holds one retail unit and two residential units. This space stands on one of the active shopping streets for tourists and local peoples in Vancouver but had disgraced into deteriorated. They have provided a new life to the building by upgrading the ground level area with a patio and paint and by renovating the two residential units. The current ground floor space is a Tractor Restaurant, which is famous as a lunch spot.
  2. In Mount Pleasant, they acquire a unique property 123 West 7th Avenue. Space is covered with beautiful wood beam architecture and a rundown space. The property was located beyond from Jonathan Rogers Park, where a number of tech startups are located or manufacturing. Low Tide Properties has lowered the floors of the building to increase ceiling height and upgraded it with new windows. The building is now the headquarters for Kit and Ace, another technical apparel company by Chip Wilson.
  3. Low Tide Properties are passionate about creating potential spaces for communities. They renovate a property as another project situated on a prominent corner at 895 East Hastings in Strathcona. During the renovation, they restored the structural wood architecture behind the drywall to showcase the building’s character. They also upgraded space located nearby Railtown and Gastown and Chinatown.

The 6-year-old real estate investment company owns over $300 million of property and 90% of that in the city of Vancouver. Most of the buying properties have been in the Strathcona, Gastown, and Mount Pleasant. LTP’s Gastown property holds a store operated by Kit and Ace at 151 Water Street, and adjacent buildings at 165 and 157 Water Street. Low Tide Properties holds a number of properties on the north side, between 855 and 895 East Hastings Street and 10 lots on the south side, between 828 and 868 East Hastings Street.


The company also involved in office and industrial properties. The company owns Kit and Ace’s head office at the corner of Manitoba Street and West 7th Avenue and Raven Song Community Health Centre at 2450 Ontario Street.

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