PayPal Bounces Back From Cyber Monday Issues

Everyone has seen when a website goes down. It is a frustrating process. When your favorite company’s website goes down, you are usually left waiting until it comes back, or even checking out the website of a competitor instead. Businesses never want to have their website go down, but their services can be affected by heavy traffic or a denial of service attack. In the case of PayPal on Cyber Monday, it was from heavy traffic. PayPal is one of the world’s largest payment processors, and it handles a significant amount of the transactions completed on the internet. PayPal went down early on in Cyber Monday—8 am to be exact—and it struggled throughout the day. PayPal delivered only intermittent service and site loading times and login issues plagued issues for the duration of Cyber Monday. Most merchants have high risk credit card processing accounts through companies such as, so it isn’t as big a deal if they can’t process payments through PayPal—they have plenty of other payment methods available. Many shoppers simply used these other options, such as credit or debit payment choices, instead of PayPal on Black Friday.

PayPal Bounces

PayPal, however, has disputed the notion that the site “went down,” and simply said that “some customers experienced issues.

” It is expected that PayPal would try to protect its brand, especially when they don’t want consumers thinking that the online payment processing service is unreliable. But maybe they shouldn’t think of going offline as a big deal—there has been plenty of precedent of sites going down on major traffic or from denial of service attacks, even giants such as Facebook. Most experts believe that PayPal wasn’t ready for what turned out to be a record number of shoppers on Black Friday, and that’s not a big deal. Not everyone can be perfect all of the time, and businesses have to learn to adapt and evolve too. The big question will be can PayPal make sure that they are prepared for the next surge in traffic? Time will tell.

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