Securing Your Child’s Educational Dream With Knowledge First Financial

Knowledge First Financial is a Canadian brand RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) company which was founded in the year 1965. Its primary objective is to provide education saving schemes for the residents of Canada. Since its inception, the company has transformed in various ways to revamp its market place. It is completely moving in a new dimension and has included many changes in its brand name. By bringing the various changes, including the change of name, the company aims to be the top RESP in the whole of Canada. The President and CEO of the company, George Hopkinson believes that branding the company with a new name will help to establish Knowledge First Financial for a continued growth. Changing the brand name will help in securing a good position for the company. Post-secondary education is a boon to every child’s life and this name will perfectly explain the motive of the company in encouraging the parents. The aim of Knowledge First Financial is to be a known brand in assisting education savings for Canadians.

Knowledge First Financial

Knowing more about Knowledge First Financial

Knowledge First Financial deals in retail RESP and offers services and product with regards to educational savings. At present it holds 10 percent of the entire Canadian national market share. It also assists Canadian residents to get a post-secondary education. Previously known as USC Education Savings Plan, the company change its name because they believe that Registered Education Savings Plans are not just limited to university and as well as scholarship. The name of Knowledge First Financial was selected with regards to the various ethics in the company. The primary one is the customer. Knowledge First Financial ensures customers in attaining their educational investments. Success oriented results with clear purposes and responsibility. Integrity with customers for assured trust and teamwork for a common goal. The company aims to move forward by bringing in a lot of changes which is based on many values. It also invests securely in various government bonds and producing returns of 6% over the past decade.

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Introduction of the Flex First Plan

Knowledge First Financial is all set to introduce its newest product which will be known as Flex First Plan. This will be the second point after rebranding itself. The Flex First Plan will be a group plan which will offer loyalty bonus 9.5%. This will be a dollar based product and will be more flexible. The Flex First Plan will be a conventional venture strategy and will be qualified for all grants. The company aims that the new product can actually boost more customers after a major transformation. Flex First Plan will be for Individual and as well as for Group Registered Education Savings Plans. Knowledge First Financial operates exclusively in Canada and chose to opt a name that provides or deals in educational savings. After making a huge transformation in the company, the company wants to be the leader of education investments business in Canada and have a long term viable growth.

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