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Accidents occur all around the world. Many accidents involve injuries to the parties involved in the accidents and the impact of the accident can result in personal injury. Such injuries might result in physical as well as emotional impact and may lead to a high expenditure. While incidents of personal injuries happen all across the world, no one can make a business out of it except personal injury lawyers and insurance agents. However, the success of such business may be obstructed by many factors and the competition in this field of expertise is one among the factors. However, there are law firms and people who overcome the odds and make a mark in the field of personal injury law. One of them is a man, who made a successful career out of personal injury accidents and built a flourishing business empire by making his law firm popular. And he is none other than Jeremy Diamond.

Jeremy is the face of the successful law firm Diamond & Diamond headquartered in Ontario in Canada. He is the one who pops into the mind of anyone when there is an accident that results in a personal injury. In simple terms, it will not be an exaggeration to mention him as the face of Personal Injury Law in and around Ontario. In addition to being one of the top lawyers in personal injury related laws, he is known for his aggressive Ad campaign which is one of the major reasons for his continuing success and also for his the fame of his firm which has won several awards in the recent years.

Personal Injury Law

Background and educational details:

Jeremy is an expert in law who has several years of expertise in handling cases related to personal injury, particularly, those involving injuries caused due to motor vehicle accidents. He practices of Plaintiff personal injury litigation. He is also well known for representing common people, who are insured, in their cases against insurance agents to help them with their claim of injury benefits. Jeremy Diamond, who is now a managing lawyer in Diamond & Diamond, obtained in his Bachelor of Arts degree from York University in the year 1995. Later, in the year 2001, he obtained his Juris Doctoris from Thomas M Cooley Law School. He also went to Osgoode Hall Law School.

Although Jeremy has a successful business and is a busy man, he is a family man, who likes to spend time with his family in his free time. He, reportedly, likes sports and is said to follow sports closely. In fact, he has reached out to a number of sporting franchises for developing his business.

His slogan and its reach:

The slogan of Jeremy’s company, “Nothing is tougher than a diamond”, has had a good reach in Canada and is one of the reasons for his firm to attract potential clients. It is an important contribution to the reinforcement of his name in the minds of people in Ontario.

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