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What Is The Secret Of Kate Winslet’s Success?

I’m cent percent sure about the fact that you know who Kate Winslet is? No? Why! Wait a minute; let me help you to recall her. Do you remember the Titanic actress? That exotic classy lady who must have made your heart skip a beat? Do you understand now who I’m talking about? Well, she’s none other than the Hollywood diva, an Academy Award winner, seven times Oscar nominee and a successful mother of three kids, the Kate Winslet.

We all know she is a stunningly successful actress. We’ll come to that part later on. First, let’s get a brief sketch about her journey to the film fraternity.

Kate Elizabeth Winslet, born on October 5, 1972 comes from an affluent family. Winslets are three sisters all together and all three are actresses. Although none from her family belonged to film background, due to acute financial crisis, Winslet had no option but to join the film Industry. Like many great actors, she began her career on the stage of theatre. Her major breakthrough was in Peter Jackson’s psychological drama Heavenly Creatures. Her stardom with Titanic is the most talked about character in the whole film industry. Like Robert Simonds with his consecutive and consistent success with Indie movies, Kate Winslet playing a variety of unorthodox roles, has managed to keep her career record appreciated and consistent.

But how does the 42 year old actress still make it? How does she still reign as one of the most successful actress in Hollywood? Well, Kate enjoys a handsome career of 20 years in the films that generally entertains heroines to be young and well maintained.

When given a choice as to what kind of films she would like to work on at this juncture of her life, she replies that she would definitely go with a good script rather than look at the co-actors. She wants scripts that can terrify her. She takes it as a challenge and is ready to work upon challenging roles.

After her epic movie Titanic gained massive success, she was settled in a position where she was given to choose. And Kate deliberately chose to work on small projects. As a reason to such a decision, the actress said that smaller films would help her keep grounded. It would make her learn and try out different shades of characters. Clichéd characters do not always earn success. She did not run behind massive success or wanted to earn large amounted cheques. She was a true learner.

This is the only reason, her latest movie ‘The Mountain Between Us’ attracted her so much. Being nowhere in comparison to Titanic, The Mountains Between Us casts Winslet as an about to be bride who meets and matches with a stranger after their flight crash. They are left on an isolated island.

The secret to her success is not only about her fitness but also many other things. She knows how to keep herself concentrated in work. On a funny note, Winslet says that she still doesn’t own any account on social media. Do you know why? Because she wants to stay unique. She does not want people to copy her and be like her within a couple of years.

When asked how she maintains all her roles of a mother, a wife and an actress, she says that her goal is simply not to always act but to play different kinds of roles. She wants to bring herself out from the comfort zone and strictly goes by the character.

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